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A Little About Myself

I quickly realized how big the Global Amazon marketplace are & how using FBA, enables me to scale my business exponentially & progressively.

I currently run my business on different Amazon marketplaces (U.S, CA, Mex.). Wholesale and automated OA is the name of the game. I buy in bulk from wholesale suppliers/manufacturers & resell on Amazon through FBA. I also have a full-time employee that sources retail websites using specific sourcing strategies & softwares for my online arbitrage business.

My goal for the upcoming 365 days is to optimize and grow my automated multi 7-figures a year Amazon business & help as many people grow their own Amazon business. I’ve proudly mentored 400+ students in Canada, U.S.A & in Europe & the main purpose in creating the ARBITRAGE ACADEMY is to help as many of you CREATE, LAUNCH & SCALE your Amazon FBA business.


Abdel Ghani Chahal

100+ video lessons covering everything you need to startup a profitable Amazon business today.

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Course Overview

Seller Central
Introduction To Seller Central
Layout Overview
Manage Orders
Payments & Reports
Seller Performance & Feedback
Amazon Is Global
Introduction To FBA
Introduction To FBM
Seller Central App
Product analysis
Introduction To Keepa
Amazon bestseller rank
Keepa Extension
Main goals in Keepa analysis
Secondary goals in Keepa analysis
More on Keepa
Different product categories
Adding A Product
Choosing The Right Listing
Prior main aspects to consider
Adding A Product (Part 1)
Adding A Product (Part 2)
Fulfillment By Merchant
What Is FBM
How To Fulfill By Merchant
FBM specifics
Arbitrage On Amazon
Arbitrage Models
Intro To Retail Arbitrage
Intro To Online Arbitrage
Intro To Tactical Arbitrage
Intro To Wholesale Arbitrage
Intro To eBay Flips
Retail Arbitrage
What Is Retail Arbitrage?
Sourcing Products (Part 1)
Sourcing Products (Part 2)
Online Arbitrage
What Is Online Arbitrage
Product Examples & Analysis
What Is Tactical Arbitrage
Tactical Arbitrage Trial - Part 1)
Tactical Arbitrage Trial - Part 2)
Product Research On Tactical
Search Setup + Filters
Product Sourcing
More insights on OA & TA
Wholesale Arbitrage
What Is Wholesale Arbitrage
Email Approach & Analysis
Using Invocies
How to source
Terms in B2B purchasing
Insights on W.A
More on wholesale
Additional requirements
eBay Flips
What Is eBay?
Online Arbitrage with eBay Flips
Drop-Shipping with eBay Flips
Prepping & Shipping
Create A Shipping Plan
Shipments To Amazon
Things You Will Need
Preparing, Sealing & Dispatching
Shipping provider pick-up
Shipment touchdown
More on shipments
Shipment Status & units received
Buy Box & repricing
Things to consider
Automate pricing
About automatic repricer
Setting up your repricer
Follow-ups & more
Taxation & Accounting
Basic Accounting
Sales Taxes
Setting up your Tax Id's

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